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Bed Linens

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Quietly Elegant Designs


Since 2014, Talini has done more than make beautiful Italian bed and table linens. We have refined a centuries-old tradition by keeping the best part - the Italian fabrics - and infusing the designs with a modern American look.

Designed in the USA, our linens are understated, tailored and timeless, keeping the focus on the beauty of our Italian fabrics. Often custom-made, our products are sewn with meticulous attention to detail by highly skilled artisans in Italy or in our workroom in Virginia. 


Italian Fabrics


All our fabrics are from small, family-owned Italian mills. Using raw materials chosen from the best available on the international market, and weaving and finishing techniques no other country can match, Italy continues to produce the world’s finest textiles.


Table Linens

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Unique Colors & Textures


Our yarn-dyed linens and cottons all have a white or pale gray warp which adds a beautiful depth. All colors of our yarn-dyed linens come in 3 weaves textures - plain, herringbone and sateen. Mix them together however you like or layer with other solids, prints and patterns.



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